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Brings the word  PARTY to life!

Dedicated professional with years of experience and a show that speaks for itself.
The Djs have an unmatched knowledge in the art of music and timing that you can only gained through hundreds of hours under the lights.  We will leave you and your guest with a memorable night that will supersede the level of any mobile dj.

Best of all…  we don’t subcontract.  When you hire us, you get the best.

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Dominguez Family

My husband and I wanted to take some time to express our gratitude in regards to your services as our entertainer for our daughter’s quince. I really wanted to take my time to collaborate my thoughts and feelings together and after a brief recovery period, I’m now ready to express our satisfaction.

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Jaimito’s Blog

What should we include in a sweet sixteen?

So much to think about.  Well we know that we are going to need a place to have the sweet sixteen? … what the guest going to eat? …  where do we get started?

With the help of family most of this works itself out.  The question is what do we want to take away from this…  of course mija will have her memories, but what about everyone else?  People always remember the food and the music.  That seems to be the only memory everyone takes away.

Food – Luckily, this is one that that I am happy to say the ex is going to take care of.  I’m not much of a cook and sometimes is better to let some else handle it.

Music – The best Dj in san antonio has this covered!!!  I’ve been looking forward to it for so many years, there is no way anyone else is going to do it.

There are other considerations to go over, so we have to make sure to cover those as well.

Decorations -

Mija’s Dress - The grandmothers jumped on this one.  From head to toe, they want to dress her.  Go for it grandmas!

Photographer -

Our Clothing – what most people often forget.  Not just what mija is going to wear, what is the rest of the family going to wear?  You can always dig in the closet but lets be real.  We all want to look good.

And then there are the extras.


Extra Extra Decorations